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Welcome..Thank you for dropping by

Welcome..Thank you for dropping by

Welcome to Count on Yourself Coaching...

Are You Ready To...


  • Better manage your time?

  • Lose weight? 

  • Improve your eating habits? 

  • Sleep better?

  • Carve out the time to exercise?

  • Feel less stressed and anxious?

  • Breathe more deeply and relax?


Wellness is NOT the absense of problems,

illness or other stressors in one's life. Life has it's 



Create a Lifestyle YOU can LIVE With...

Being the best self you can be...


Let's have a brief conversation; one that may

change the way you view your current wellness.


Wellness coaching offered both in-person in some

New Jersey locations and by telephone or skype. 


Take the first step. Call for your complimentary session.

Mobile: 201.618.5582  or email


New Year's News! 

Last year I was honored to be featured in ACE's January 2016 IDEA Fitness Journal with the story below. ACE is the American Council on Exercise:  The Gold standard in health and fitness certification and education. Following this I achieved the Behavioral Specialist credential and soon will add to my list the Senior Fitness Specialist as well - in the works. Continuing my education with ACE is essential to staying on top of what is new and important to my clients, both for fitness training adn wellness coaching,  




If you could change anything about your health and well-being what would it be? Take a moment, close your eyes and focus on this.  When you have it, fill in the boxes below and let's talk about it. Your first session is completely complimentary - with no pressure or obligation.

Experience wellness coaching. Set up an appointment by calling 201-618-5582 or email. 

Thank you for your interest. I will get back to you shortly!

Risa's Blog

In July 2011 my husband was in a serious bicycle accident. A helmet saved his life, but someone else wasn't so lucky.  Read my PATCH blog to learn more:  Heads Up for Helmets

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