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Personal Training 

Risa is a master level personal trainer, certified with the American Council on Exercise, the gold standard in the health and fitness industry. She holds a graduate degree in exercise science and has over 30 years of experience training healthy and not-so-healthy people. 


One-on-one training services are offered in the Maplewood/South Orange area.


What are your fitness goals?  

Are you reaching them?


Contact Risa to add personal training to your total health and wellness coaching package of services. 

Live in the area?


If so, train in your home.


If not, you're invited to workout in Risa's home studio, a commerical gym (if permitted) or another convenient location - perhaps outdoors!   Risa's fitness programs are not affiliated with any products or other companies.  All programs are designed to fit your specific needs - no quick fixes or gimmicks. 


Small Group Training

Is personal trainning too personal and possibly out of your budget? Consider group training....


Enjoy the comradery, motivation and company of others with similar goals. 


Put together a group of friends or family and ask about group rates. Cost will vary depending on location, length of time and number of participants. 


Contact Risa for more information to organize a customized program to meet your needs and goals.  


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