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Media & Community

 Risa builds and leads community wellness programs.

In July 2011 Risa's husband was in a serious bicycle accident. A helmet saved his life, but someone else wasn't so lucky.  Read this PATCH blog to learn more:  Heads Up for Helmets

Distinguished Service Award

Risa was the honoree at the 2011 Maplewood Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award Dinner.

Johnson & Johnson video about the economy and fitness with Risa.

What is wellness coaching all about?  Watch this short video to learn more....

Hike for Haiti: Over 60 walkers raising several thousands of dollars:  A moving video of one community helping another around the world. 

Risa as a guest on SOMA TV Career Corner. An informative presentation on STRESS. 

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Health & Wellness Coaching


Read the June 2008 Newsweek Magazine story about a successful client story.


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