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Today, I Will…

The “Today, I will” approach is something that I came up with many years ago. What's wrong with this statement? Tomorrow, I will eat less and exercise more. Today is the best time to change, to commit to a new behavior that by doing so will actually become a lifestyle. Why wait till tomorrow?

How many times have you heard yourself say, “I need to lose weight, I will start tomorrow.” This applies to a whole host of intentions including increase physical activity, studying for a test, edit a resume, or like me, work on my new website? You want it, but still you procrastinate. We all do, some just more often than others. The big question is why and what will change this? The question is simple: Why and how badly do you want what you want? Is it a need or a want?

And, what are the consequences if you don’t get where you want to be?

My personal definition of stopping proscratination and moving to motivation is this: “Motivation is when you decide that what you want in the LONG run is more important than what may have to you give up in the PRESENT. Is immediate gratification more important to you than the greater goal you may have set for yourself?

Motivation lights your fire to behavioral change.”

What comes first, the need or the trigger?

Are you open to choosing personal accountability over allowing yourself to become victim to the trigger?

Set lifestyle goals that are relevant, doable and worthy of your attention.

Tap into your strengths to counteract your weaknesses.

Build your excitement and be ready to take the first step to a new you.

The coachable individual is someone who maybe a bit stuck but is also ready to choose to change over staying put. It starts with a simple statement to oneself:

Today, “I will”..... How badly do you want what you say you want?

Now, see - I've taken a step forward by working on my new site -- feeling good!

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