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Walk Marathon Distances at 62 and...

70 Walkers start a 14 mile Trek in January.

On January 28, 2017, 70 walkers of all ages trekked 14 miles from Morristown to Maplewood. Folks are often shocked when they hear that I've walk as much as 34 miles in one day and that's nothing compared to some of my FreeWalker buddies. If ten years ago someone had said to me that I could do this, I'd say they were crazy - but I have done it and will do more well into my later years... because, as long as I can stand up, I will WALK.

I can't run a MARATHON, but I can WALK it over and over again...

I've been walking for exercise my entire adult life, but it wasn't until a few years ago when a friend said to me,

"Hey, HOT SHOT - you love to walk. Want to walk 50 miles in ONE day?" Of course I thought he was CRAZY... but he knew that I loved a good challenge, so I took him up on it. Well, the walk was 50, but I happily completed 11 miles in that day and I was HOOKED!

Was I sore? Yes

Did I have blisters? Yes

Did I love it? Yes

The longest one-day walk I've done is 34 miles. My longest multi-day back-to-back was 90 miles over six days. It's crazy and it's FUN.

Imagine the longest distance you can see yourself walking in one day?

Want to learn more? Drop me a note and let's talk....

If you can walk 1 mile, you can walk 3, and if you do 3, you can probably walk 5 and on and on. Never underestimate your physical abilities until you given it a SHOT and this is coming from this HOT SHOT!

See you on the road, Your Walking Coach & Guru!!


P.S. If you have walked with me with FreeWalkers or anywhere else please comment and share your experience here.... love to hear from you.

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