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Several years ago, I started writing and writing and writing. Not knowing exactly what I might do with what I had to say, but I knew I had to say it and share it


What motivates us to move?

How do people discover the joys of simply walking?

In the woods or in the city?

Alone, with friends or in a group?

Morning or the evening?

Home or on a vacation?

There were so many questions I wanted to answer -- so I began and didn't stop until I thought I might have touched on them all...but that is impossible, as the reasons as to what motivates human beings to walk are infinite.

Do you walk? If not, are you trying to fit more steps into your day?

If so, lace up your shoes, then SIT DOWN for a few minutes to read the book and I will almost guarantee you that you will find more than one reason to walk!!!

Why Walk is available at:

A beautiful gift for any holiday!

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