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Customized presentations & educational workshops are available for corporate events, reteats, conventions, religious organizations, school, fundraisers, or simply a small or large group of friends.

Risa’s presentations are energizing, entertaining, informative, and always interactive.  

Lifestyles & Wellness

  • Creating Your Wellness Vision: The Game Plan

  • Making Healthy Choices You Can Live With

  • Accountability: Who's in Charge of your Health

  • Meditation in Motion: Relaxation for Anywhere

  • Fitting Fitness into Your Already Frazzled Day


Food & Fitness

  • Food, Stress & You: It's Always a Choice

  • Why I Hate Exercise and What to Do About It

  • Changing your Life one Step at a Time

  • Staying Fit on the Go: Vacation & Business Travel 

  • Shortcuts to Eating Well: Not fast food, just good food fast. 


Generational & Family

  • Aging with Energy: Never Too Late to Workout

  • Food, Fitness & Family: A Team Effort

  • Working out with Limitations

Program fees vary depending on location, group size, organization and travel costs. Questions about your event and what kind of topic/talk might work?  Let's talk about it.  973-761-5758 or email to set up a convenient time to talk. 

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