“I hired Risa as my fitness coach in 1995. My goals were to lose weight, tone my muscles, increase my energy and improve my health. I lost 25 lbs and have kept it off for 20 years; working with Risa changed my life for the long-term. Now, at 66, I have maintained the lifestyle that has kept the weight off, have plenty of energy and feel great. I travel, climb mountains and hike marathon distances. Thank you for making me a believer that “health is wealth at any age.” 

Adriane G. Berg, Author & Marketing Consultant, Generation Bold, Lebanon, N.J.

"Risa has been a great help to my patients. She took folks who dropped my ball and got them back into the game. Risa has a knack for sparking energy into even the toughest cases."

Dr. Daniel Zacharias, Short Hills, NJ

"Working with Risa goes beyond setting goals, it is the difference between struggling and failing and having a partner in your corner to support, encourage and guide you.  Risa’s coaching made my hope of losing weight a reality, whereas before it had seemed insurmountable."

Sarah Macyshyn, Real Estate Broker,

Short Hills, N.J

"If you're looking for motivation and support in making lifestyle changes, Risa is your best bet for coaching. She knew how to connect to with me as an individual: this was very important in helping me discover what was and wasn't working in my lifestyle. She was willing to do whatever it took to help me reach my goals.”

Alan Stephenson, Maplewood, N.J.

"Personal coaching with Risa took my health and fitness to a higher level. I was already a physically active person; however, Risa helped me uncover a renewed excitement about fitness that I had lost along the way.  She helped me understand that change takes time and leading a healthy lifestyle is not an extra or a luxury, but a necessity. My telephone wellness coaching experience with Risa will stay with me for years to come." 

Cherie Leanza, Vice President of Marketing, Genwealth Group, Inc. Maplewood N.J.

"I am so grateful to you for everything you've done in helping me completely change my attitude and habits about being fit. I feel lighter, not just from losing and keeping off the 35 lbs you coached me through, but from dropping all the stress and worry (and obsessing!) about diets, failure, feeling deprived and guilty. I "live in the moment" as you taught me to do. I trust myself to follow what works for me. Food is no longer my best friend to run to for comfort, nor is it my enemy. Exercise is not a punishment. Enjoying good meals and being active are just some of the many gifts you helped me to discover.

Thank you so much, Risa. And thanks for including me in your hikes. It was awesome on so many levels! The best part was how much stronger I felt and how much more stamina I had compared to my first hike with you!"

Elise Sanchez, Certified Life Coach,

Maplewood, NJ

"Risa, you changed my life! Before participating in the Count on Yourself™ Pedometer Program, I would walk for only ten minutes, now I do forty-five minutes of some kind of physical activity daily.  I wear my pedometer every day. I don't leave the house without it – every step counts. Thank you so very much for helping me change my lifestyle." 

Florence Weisz, Fine Artist, South Orange, NJ

"I lost 35 pounds within six months of telephone wellness coaching sessions with Risa. When I thought I couldn't get beyond a certain point, Risa was there to encourage me. I can walk past a Krispy Kreme and sayb NO, I don't want it."

Sharlene Langner,

Human Resource Executive, Maplewood, N.J.

“I just love it! Risa’s programs are so motivating. I took Count on Yourself, the Pedometer Program and can’t get over my results. I lost 18 pounds and just feel wonderful. Thank you so much for the jump-start I needed. Please keep me posted on future workshops.” 

Jackie Peterson, Primerica Financial Services, 
Scotch Plains, NJ

"Count on Yourself, the pedometer program, has helped me increase the amount of daily physical activity I do and lose inches off inches off my waist. I enjoy logging my steps and challenging myself each week to do more. I highly recommend Count on Yourself to anyone looking for a fun and motivating way to stay active and healthy."

Marty Israel, East Brunswick, NJ

"I was unhappy in my job, overweight, eating all the wrong foods and had trouble sleeping through the night over and over again. I started with one-on-one weekly coaching for a few months, and as things got better, I dropped down to every other week. Working with Risa was life-changing. I'm happier and healthier than I've been in years and doing what I love now. Even my therapist say's I'm different.Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 


Anonymous, Health Care Employee, Morristown, NJ

"When I started with Risa my goal was general conditioning using exercises that fit my physical and medical makeup. Risa more than met all my goals and after a period of time she advised me that I could continue on my own as I had learned all the exercises and gotten back into a weekly routine.Risa helped me face challenges such as focusing on my overall health and overall physical fitness. Risa is one of a kind; she operates totally different than the kind of coaches you will find at many exercise facilities. Thank you for getting me back in the game...."


Michael Miller, South Orange, NJ

Maplewood, N.J. 07040

201-618-5582 Mobile



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