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© 2018 Risa Olinsky, MA, Author,  Certified Wellcoach,  ACE Personal Trainer,  Health Coach, Group Fitness Leader. Senior Fitness Specialist & Behavioral Change Specialist. 


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  • You want to lose weight and dieting has failed you so many times.

  • You're always tired and don't know why or what to do about it.

  • You've just been told your blood pressure is high and you should relax.

  • You try to stick to an exercise plan but keep making excuses.

  • You have stress in certain areas of your life that is adversely affecting your health.

  • You simply want to feel better and have more energy to get through the day.

  • You have invested time and money in products and quick fixes only to be discouraged by promises that don't deliver.


Coaching supports behavioral change and helps you get where you want to be faster and more effectively than going it alone.  Coaching is a process, not a product.


Together, we will....

  • Design your wellness vision based on your personal needs.

  • Build a foundation for action steps based on your strengths and core values.

  • Implement reasonable and specific goals to bring you close to your vision.

  • Identify the challenges you may face incorporating new lifestyle behaviors.

  • Create viable strategies to deal with these challenges.

  • Reinforce these strategies with weekly coaching.

  • Reach your goals; feel empowered, energized, and just great.

  • Maintain your new lifestyle with periodic check-in sessions.

Coaching is not a substitute for psychological or medical care. If you have questions pertaining to your physical and/or mental health, please check with your doctor or health provider. Occasionally, people work with therapists and coaches simultaneously; these practices can complement each other. Coaching is confidential.


As a health and fitness expert, Risa has worked with both healthy and not-so healthy individuals helping them improve their daily and long-term lifestyle habits and goals. Her approach is highly personalized and programs are tailored to each client, including small group program and presentations. Count on Yourself programs always put the individual’s needs and goals first and foremost. By maintaining several professional certifications and staying up-to-date with current health issues and data, Risa is prepared to motivate her clients, utilize their signature strengths and help them build a strong foundation of confidence. This makes lifestyle changes doable and more important, sustainable. 


Risa works with individuals, groups and businesses managing a wide range of health issues: obesity, cardiac, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer, senior health, musculoskeletal limitations and much more. She has the experience, patience, maturity and compassion cultivated through years in the industry. If you're looking for a quick fix, this is not it. 


Working with Risa will help you change your thoughts and your actions and your health, and that doesn't happen overnight. This is an investment in your future helath and happiness.  The first consutlation is always complimentary. 


Call 973-761-5758 or email to set up a convenient time to meet by phone.